Renovation Project

(Update as of 7/9/19)

We are in the midst of renovating our worship space to celebrate our 100 Year Anniversary since May 2018. We’ve been planning this project for since 2015 and are hoping to complete the worship space portion by the summer of 2019. We’re very thankful for all of the volunteers that have come from various churches, student ministries and friends of family. Thankfully, we are close to the end of the renovation with

Come join us as we renovate every Saturday from 8:30 am - 12:30. Many of us stay after 12:30 but we’d like to have as many people as possibly during the the morning for larger items and the opportunity to work together as a team. LUNCH is provided by the lovely ladies of our church, which is usually an authentic mexican meal.

We hope to complete by Easter if not May, which would be our 101 anniversary.

Status of Work:

  1. Painting of the ceiling is almost complete. Plastering walls, installing doors and finish trim work. Concrete ceilings.

  2. Bathrooms are having electrical and A/C installed. Next, sheetrock, inspect, flooring and wall tile.

  3. Seal concrete floors after all of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do I have the skills needed to help? Yes, there is work for every skill level (wood work, painting, demo, housekeeping, sheet rock, framing. Come and learn how to swing a hammer and nail something in even if you’re not a pro.

2: What if I can only come for an hour? Yes, any amount of help is welcome. If you could let our general foreman Clyde Baker ( 505-280-5365, know ahead of time when you might come that would help him plan. We also are strongly in need of people to help during the week. Clyde could sure use your help with a hand nailing things in, cutting wood, painting or anything you feel comfortable doing.

3: What are the financial needs? The church is in need of $80-100k to complete the part of the building where we worship, bathrooms and the hallway. Thankfully, we’ve received more than we had planned for but the costs labor has increased with the Harvey demands for laborers. You can give on the Renovation link of this website. All giving is tax deductible of course. We also hope that the Lord will provide funds so we can purchase the land next to our church and to renovate the Fellowship Hall, which could total to $400k.

Please find some pictures of the updates here.

As of Spring 2018

As of Spring 2018

As of 7/9/19: Primer Coat.

As of 7/9/19: Primer Coat.